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Paul first picked up the guitar during summer vacation of 2002. 

With a strong interest in music and several years of violin playing behind him, he has quickly developed into quite an accomplished guitarist. He has also started to play the keyboards and has a home studio set up on his PC.

Taking private electric guitar lessons with Joel Gregoire (www.strideonline.com, www.joelgregoire.com), Paul also attended the Berklee College of Music 5 week program in 2004 where he was instructed by Joe Stump.

Paul has recorded several demo tracks including the popular "Flight of the Mongoose". You can download these demos on this site. He is now attending Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota where he has been working with fellow musicians on new material (www.macalester.edu).

Comments and feedback on Paul's compositions and performances are always welcome via email at the address below.

Feel free to email him at [email protected]






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